Eligibility and Exhibit Rules


  1. The following eligibility rules determine whether or not you can compete.
  • Your exhibit may not be an identical repetition of one you entered at the Reading-Berks Science & Engineering Fair in a previous year.
  • You may not enter a team project (project completed by more than one student).
  • You may compete in only one science fair affiliated with the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) in any one school year. If you have competed in a fair not affiliated with ISEF, you may enter that project in the Reading Berks Science & Engineering Fair.
  • If you are in grades 6, 7 or 8, you will enter your exhibit in the Junior Division.
  • If you are in grades 9, 10, 11 or 12, you will enter your exhibit in the Senior Division.
  • You must apply for display space at RBSEF before the registration deadline.
  • Your school must be in Berks County. If you are a homeschool student, you must live in Berks County.
  • Cyber school students must live in Berks County and register as homeschool students.
  • If your project involves vertebrate animals, human subjects, tissue, recombinant DNA, pathogenic/potentially pathogenic agents, controlled substances, hazardous substances or devices, or blood – you must fill out special forms and get approval BEFORE you start experimenting.

2. Exhibit Information: Size and Weight Restrictions

  • Size limits for all exhibits: Grades 6 through 12
    Maximum size of 36 inches wide, 72 inches high and 15 inches deep is allowed for table top exhibits. Floor exhibits with a maximum height of 108 inches are available by request only.
  • Weight limits for all exhibits: Grades 6 through 12
    All table top projects must weigh less than 100 pounds. Floor exhibits are available with a weight limit of 250 pounds.
  • Size accommodations for senior division, grades 9 through 12 only
    For the senior division only, if your project requires a 48-inch wide space, you may make a request and a wider space will be assigned to you at project setup.

3. Disqualifying Violations 

  • Your exhibit may not have any words or photos that identify you or your subjects in your project.
  • You may not acknowledge names, email addresses, or physical addresses of individuals who have helped you with your project.
  • You may not include  your school name, teacher’s name or your frontal (face) picture on your project board or in your notebook.

4. Additional Exhibit Guidance

  • Your exhibit should include a project notebook and research paper placed on the table in front of your display.
  • Your project number must be on the back of the display board and in the notebook.
  • Set up your project between the lines in the correct space. Your first name and project id will be on a sticker on the table indicating your designated display area.