Science Fair Week-Daily Activities


Monday-6pm-8pm    Project Set-Up
  • Be sure you have your project number before you leave home.
  • Remember to check what is not allowed in the science fair before you bring your project to the science fair.
  • Bring your project to the Albright College Bollman Gymnasium. Directions
  • Parking is on 13th St. and on parking lot next to the gym.
  • Take a safety checklist from the registration table and find your project number and category
  • If you can answer “yes” to all questions on the safety checklist you are finished! Drop the checklist off at the registration table on your way out.
  • If you have any questions about items on the checklist you may ask any safety inspector on the floor your safety question.
Tuesday-1pm-3pm   Student Interview Session
  • Your school will arrange to bring you to the Albright College Gym for student interviews.
  • It is important to keep as quiet as possible while waiting in the bleachers during the interview session so that judges can hear the students being interviewed.
  • Be sure you know your project number and listen carefully for it to be called.
  • You may get one or more interviews during this interview session. There are three possible interview judges involved: a placement judge, a special awards judge and a fair staff judge. One interview may be enough, but sometimes more than one interview is needed to assess your project for awards.
Wednesday-7:30pm-9:15pm   Awards Ceremony in Albright Chapel

Over $9000 in special awards will be given out to deserving students at the ceremony. After the special awards the place awards for each category will be given out.  At the end of the ceremony the champions of grade 6, 7 and 8 will be announced and finally the senior division Grand Champion, Champion and Reserve Champion will be announced. Cash awards go to most special awards winners and medals and ribbons go to category place winners. The champions receive plaques for their awards. The Grand Champion and Champion of the senior division (gr.9-12) will receive an all expense paid trip to compete in the INTEL International Science Fair (ISEF) in Los Angeles in May of 2017, and in Pittsburgh in 2018.  Note: if you cannot attend the awards ceremony you can pick up your award on Thursday during project removal.

Thursday-March 17 – 12pm-8pm     Project Removal
  • Come to the Bollman Gymnasium to remove your project from the gym.
  • Someone else can remove your project if you a cannot do it.
  • If you missed the awards ceremony and received an award, arrange to have it picked up at this time. Awards will not be delivered to your school. If you do not arrange to pick up an award, you will not receive the award.
  • Projects not removed will be discarded after 8pm Thursday.