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Thank you for sponsoring students for the Reading-Berks Science and Engineering Fair. It is our intention to partner with you to provide a quality competition to encourage students in their study of STEM and in their choice of a career in STEM.



1. Check project eligibility rules

  • Before you give approval for a student project, be sure to check the list of eligibility rules.

2.  Check ISEF rules to be sure the project is permitted and that prior IRB approval is not needed.

3.  Collect Required Forms

  • Be sure students have completed the required forms to compete at RBSEF.
  • Please note that there are different form requirements for Junior and Senior Divisions.
  • The ISEF Rules Wizard can help you determine which forms to use for Senior Division and certain Junior Division projects.
  • Be sure all forms are completed and signed.
  • Be sure any additional forms are complete.

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4.  Experimentation

  • Once you have determined that the project is eligible and safe, the student is free to begin experimentation.

5.  Teacher Registration

  • If you registered at this link last year you do not need to register again.
  • You may want to log in and verify your information.
  • Please Note: You must register your name and building before your students can register their projects online.
  • Teacher registration is also required to track your students’ registrations.

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6. Student Registration

  • Student registration opens on January 1 and closes at midnight on February 14.
  • Students can still register (late) until midnight on March 2, however late registration fees ($10 per student) apply during this time.
  • No registrations can be edited or accepted after February 24.  Please plan accordingly.
  • The student is not registered until the entry form is completed online and other required forms are submitted to RBSEF  with the required signatures.

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7. Submit Forms and Entry Fees

  • Forms may be uploaded  onto the registration website or mailed to:
    RBSEF                  P.O. Box 13314 Reading, PA 19612
  • If paying entry fees ($10 per student for on-time registrations) by check, Please Make Checks Payable to: RBSEF Inc. 
  • Place the student’s name in the memo line. If paying for more than one student, please include a list of students for whom the registration is paid. Mail checks to the address above.
  • A late fee of $10.00 (total $20 late registration) applies for registrations after the deadlines in the fair schedule.  Acceptance of late entries is at the discretion of the Fair Director.
  • This year you can pay student registrations online.

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8. Assist Students in Planning Their Displays

  • Be sure students check the list of items prohibited for display at  a  science fair.
  • NOTE: PROJECT AREA CHANGE as of 2016, the display area is 36 inches wide and 15 inches deep. This will fit a standard tri fold science fair board with 15 inches in front of backboard for notebook etc. Larger items can be placed on the floor below table. If a senior project (gr. 9-12) requires a 48 inch wide space accommodations will be made for that project if you communicate before the registration deadline.
  • Be sure each student knows his or her category and assigned project number.
  • Project number should be written on the back of the display board as well as on the project notebook.
  • Your name and the school name cannot appear anywhere on the project.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions.

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9. Verify That Your Students are Properly Registered

  • Visit the registration website..
  • From the top menu, select “Register” then “Verify Registered” and select your school(s).
  • The list contains first name, project title, and project number. (For security reasons the last names are not shown.)
  • The project number is listed but not the category. Students can verify their categories by entering the registration system through the student portal using the user name and password they established during registration.

10. Attend the Science Fair

  • Be sure students know what to expect each day of the fair.
  • Plan to have students present for interviews on the Tuesday of  fair week from 1-3 PM.
  • Encourage students to attend the Awards Ceremony on the Wednesday of fair week.
  • Make sure students have a plan for picking up their displays when the fair is over.

11. Pick Up Your Awards

  • About  $10,000 in awards are presented each year to students in grades 6 to 12 who participate in the fair.
  • Unclaimed awards will no longer be delivered to your school. Be sure to pick them up from a science fair volunteer staff member before the close of the science fair.

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12. For Additional Help or Advice

Linda Rentschler, Fair Director- general information
610-451-4798                director@rbsef.org


SRC- Prior approvals for some animal, tissue, dangerous substances experiments


Bob Novak, Asst. Fair Dir. – entry forms information, website, registration
610-208-3541               1madsci@comcast.net

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